CCS Arts 

Welcome to our End of Year Exhibitions!
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❤Thank you for celebrating with us.❤

Copy of chatham central HS 2021 Art Highlights

Chatham Central High
Joanna Bolding

update Newman's JSW Spring Art Show

J.S. Waters School
Laura Newman

CGE art EOY 2021

Chatham Grove
Victoria Sylvestre

NEW GMH art show

Horton Middle School

Copy of pittsboro elementary

Pittsboro Elementary
Darren Wellman

Copy of SCE Art Show 2021

Siler City Elementary
Charity White
Barbara Townsend

Newman's MONCURE Spring Art Show

Moncure School
Laura Newman

Copy of Virtual Art Show_Bonlee/Bennett

Bonlee & Bennett School
Andrea Kirk

Copy of Silk Hope Spring Art

Silk Hope Elementary

Copy of NCE artshow 20-21

North Chatham Elementary
Sharon Stahoviak (K-5)
Abbey Drechsler (3-5)

PHS art show

Perry Harrison Elementary
Abbey Drechsler

MBP Virtual Art Gallery

Pollard Middle School
Leah Moore

Northwood High School Visual Arts Virtual Spring Exhibit

Northwood High School
Leslie Burwell