Visual Art

Index of Visual Arts activities:

Getty Challenge 2020

Getty Challenge

This is the most famous art challenge happening around the world now! You recreate a famous piece of art in your own way. It's super fun! View the examples to get inspired!

When submitting your artwork, please include the original piece along with it, so we can see the comparison.

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Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy is a British Sculptor who works outside with natural objects. Here are some of his pieces and some that are inspired by his art.

Go outside and create your very own Found Object Collage & take a photograph of it!

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Side Walk Chalk Challenge

Sidewalk Chalk Challenge

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Make a hopscotch board

Trace bodies for portraits

Make cool games

Leave a happy message for others

How to make Sidewalk Chalk

Don't have chalk? Ask to see if you have some Plaster of Paris. If so, you are in luck!

Follow this easy video for how to make your own sidewalk chalk!

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Sidewalk painting with water

Another way to create art on sidewalks is to use water. This is a video from Walt Disney World.

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Food Collage

Food Collage Portrait

And one final fun visual art activity is making a food collage portrait! See the slideshow for ideas.

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